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Starting Lineup vs Left-Handed Pitcher
Player Name

Starting Lineup vs Right-Handed Pitcher
Player Name

Starting Pitching(Four-, Five- or Six-man rotation)
Pitcher Name
Pitch When Tired

Miscellaneous Assignments
Pinch Hit vs. Lefty
Pinch Hit vs. Righty
Pinch Runner
Def. Replacment #1
Def. Replacment #2
Setup Pitcher vs. Lefty
Setup Pitcher vs. Righty
Closer vs. Lefty
Closer vs. Righty

Manager Tendencies
Base Stealing
Base Running
Hit and Run
Using Relief
Intentional Walks
Closer Usage
Infield In
HOLD-Min Steal %
HOLD-Min Lead %
Hold Always
HOLD-Min % To Steal

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