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 [  ] Welcome to The Dugout! This site is dedicated to helping me, and you, enjoy baseball and baseball simulations just a little bit more than we already do. Baseball and computers are two of my loves, and I am very lucky to be able to put them together in this way. What you'll find on this site includes summaries and statistics from some of the various baseball simulations I am involved in, neat baseball quotes, odd bits and pieces of baseball history, some insight into the muddled maze of my mind, and hopefully much more.

 [  ] Progress not perfection. This site is expanding -- there is always work on the drawing table, and always more ideas evolving into hard copy. Unfortunately the demands of life, liberty and the pursuit of enough money to pay the piper do not allow me to stay at this 24 hours a day. Do not despair! There is enough to keep you occupied, and there is more coming! You will find that the best resolution to view this site is 800x600x256 -- but any resolution can be used. You may use any browser and any operating system because this site was built using industry-accepted International Standards. No proprietary, vendor-specific formats limit your access to, or enjoyment of, this site. This site conforms to the W3C HTML v3.2 and above Standards. Any browser that is HTML v3.2+ compliant will have no problems here.

 [  ] What does all that mean? It means that if your browser conforms to the internationally recognized standards, you can sit back and enjoy this site without worrying about your software. If your browser can not interpret the international standards -- why not? I have also made an effort to make sure that browsers that are only HTML v2.0 compliant also are able to display the information on these pages correctly. If your browser has trouble with any part of this site let me know by sending an e-mail to moonwolf@earthling.net. You can also send a note to the maker of your browser notifying them of their incompatibility with internationally accepted HTML code, and listing the URL where they can duplicate the problem. If human error (mine, E-BigEd) is at fault, I will correct the problem ASAP. I am a member of the International Alliance for Compatible Technology [ IACT ], The HTML Writers Guild and Team OS/2.

 [  ] All of my baseball pages are here now -- at least, all of the pages I am keeping and expanding. For more info on this site, what's happening and where it is going, check out the new On The Bench page.

 [  ] Navigating through and around this site is easily accomplished by using the indexed text links found at the bottom of every page -- except this one. This page has a special Table of Contents Links -- called appropriately enough, The Base Paths. You will find that some pages, in addition to the indexed text links, have a special table of links leading only to the pages found in that section. Also, most long pages have links that allow you to quickly move about to the different sections of that same page.

The Base Paths

{Otherwise known as "The Table of Contents")

 [  ] Remember, I am tweaking the HTML code and adding new stuff as fast as I can. Let me know what you think, and don't hesitate to send your ideas on how I can make this site better for you. Thank you for your patience.

"A season's a season."

-Roger Maris, on you know what.-

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