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Big Ed's OOSL Athletics Page

". . .we were overwhelming underdogs. . ."

-Yogi Berra-

 [  ] A quick synopsis: The Ohio Old-Time Strat-O-Matic League (OOSL) brings baseball players from 1876 to the present together to compete against each other in two Leagues. The most sophisticated baseball computer simulation is used to magickly bring all of it to glorious life. Owners can trade players, devise lineups, create rotations, and generally do everything that Owners, General Managers and Field Managers do in real life -- but without spending millions of dollars. Click on the above text-link to the OOSL Web Site to find out more about the League.

 [  ] Here is my 1997 team, the Philadelphia Athletics. We compete in the OOSL American League. I am a Remote Manager - which means that I do not live near the physical computer on which the simulation takes place. In fact, I live in Connecticut -- and although Ohio was once part of Connecticut, I'm still a bit too far away to comfortably manage a team in person on the League Computer. I perform the duties of an Owner & General Manager - but the computer simulation (as set up by me) handles the actual in-game decisions. The computer manager (aka HAL) is the Field Manager. I do, however, have ample input on how the computer Field Manager performs its duties. I have set the Field Manager's options, and have given it a persona -- that of ex-Major League Manager & Coach, Jewel Winklemeyer Ens. If at some time I radically change the Field Manager's settings, I will "fire" Ens and "hire" another Manager from the annals of baseball history.

 [  ] The Athletics began the season with a dismal 8-23 run. The outlook seemed mighty grim for Ens! Our fans were flocking to the park - at the other side of town to watch those South-Side Phillies play. However, from that point on the team came together and played better than any other team in our division! The team was kept together through numerous injuries to vital players (such as Joe D) by the indomitable Willie Hernandez. Willie's fantastic performance as the team's Closer not only earned him the Team MVP Award, but also the 1997 OOSL American League MVP Award! Unfortunately, that horrendous beginning kept us from ever really entering the race for the pennant. We were, however, on the outside nipping at the heels of the Division Leaders for most of the second half of the season. In fact, we had an outside shot at overtaking the Leaders all the way to the final week. All we needed was one decent winning streak . . . Now, where have I heard that before?

 [  ] So, with almost two centuries of major-league baseball lore to call upon we have fashioned this battlecry for the OOSL Philadelphia Athletics -
"Wait 'til next year!"

The 1997 OOSL Philadelphia Athletics Base Ball Club

 [ A's Elephant Logo ]
Here are the people that make up the support staff for this club.

Field Manager:......Jewel Winklemeyer Ens

1st Base Coach:............Clarence James "Bubber" Jonnard
3rd Base Coach:............Osvaldo Jose "Ozzie" Virgil Sr.
Pitching Coach:............Raymond Roy "Ray" Ripplemeyer
Bullpen Coach:.............Gerald R. "Jerry" Zimmerman
Hitting Instructor:........Allen Lindsey "Dusty" Cooke
Bench Coach:...............Lipman Emanuel "Lip" Pike
Head Groundskeeper:........Louis Van Zelst
Color Man:.................Robert George "Bob" Uecker
PBP Man:...................Joseph Henry "Joe" Garagiola
Official Scorer:...........John Phillips Jenkins "Count" Sensenderfer
Doctor:....................Robert William "Doc" "Bobby" Brown
Trainer:...................Hiroshi Arakawa
General Manager:...........Edward Robert "Big Ed" Mortimer
Owner:.....................Edward Robert "Big Ed" Mortimer

Field Manager Jewel Winklemeyer Ens and his Coaching Crew have had their contracts extended into 1998 for a job well done!

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"I just won the Nobel Prize of baseball. "

--Elston Howard on winning the 1963 AL MVP

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